Welcome to ServAid

ServAid supports users with quick and easy access to product information.

Follow the "Quick tips" guide to use ServAid efficiently.

It is always possible to return to “Quick tips” by using "Menu".

Change language

It is possible to change the language of the interface and the documents by selecting “Settings” from the "Menu".

Tutorial videos

You can access video tutorials on how to use ServAid by selecting “Animations” from the "Menu".

Quick search

When using quick search, the search results will be presented in information category lists with products, accessories, parts, kits, documents, and technical updates.
Select a product from the search results to enter the Product Page, where you will find all information about the product.

Tip: Use the More Search Options to perform a more detailed search.

How to find product information

On the Product Page you will find all the information for a product. You can access the Product Page in several ways:

Spare Parts Page view of a product

After selecting the Spare Parts icon on the Product Page view, you will be presented with the exploded view icons for all the modules of that product.

  • The most current serial number for each module will be displayed first, with the older serial numbers below.
  • A further search and filtering can be made in the list of modules.
  • By selecting Sort, you can sort the order of the modules by; Serial number, Description or by reverting back to the Default view. Select the Sort type again to switch between ascending, or descending order.
  • You can change how the list is displayed by using the Node view (default), Grid view or Table view.
  • Select an Exploded view to see which spare parts are available to order. Further information about ordering Spare parts can be found in; “How to order Spare parts”.
  • How to order Spare parts?

    Start by logging in to your Shop Online account.

    Go to the "Products/Spare parts” tab and select the link to Go to ServAid.

    You can either search for a product, or use the navigation pane to take you to the Product Page.

    User Information Page view of a Product

    Select "User Information” icon on the Product Page view to see a list of available documents for the product. Now,

  • Select either HTML file which opens in a new tab or PDF file to read information for your use.
  • Use search field to make a further search and filtering within the list of documents.
  • Select Sort and then make a choice from the drop-down menu to sort the order of the documents in ascending, or descending order.
  • Use Node view, Grid view or Table view (default) icons to change the view style.
  • HTML Content View - Improved Search for User Information

    When you are in User Information and choose the HTML view it opens in a new tab with product specific information. Here you will be able to:

    The 'Used in' feature - Accessories

    Select the Used in feature to view the products list to which this accessory is compatible with: